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Memphisippi Cooking!

We are a southern inspired catering and food truck company, located in Denton Texas.  We also provide services to the  surrounding areas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Grapevine, and Arlington. We are heavily inspired by bold flavors like Memphis styled BBQ Nachos and the chicken and seafood that is common in the Mississippi Delta.  We like to refer to it as Memphisippi cooking creations. 

We are more than happy to offer catering services for any of your traditional and non-traditional events.  We have successfully catered the following occasions Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Retirement Parties, and Weddings.  We have recently added the food truck to our offering.  Since we are mobile now, that is even more of an opportunity for you and your family to check out what Memphisippi cooking is all about.  Visit us here at or on social media for all the latest on our locations and menus.  


With the power out for so many because of the winter weather, a home-cooked meal is hard to come by.

When icy conditions put the brakes on Alondra Mitchell’s food truck, Denton-based Street Eats Catering, she put out a post on Facebook pointing anyone wanting free hot foot to her front door.

“Initially I did it because I was upset that our lights had turned off and I wasn't going to be able to feed my kids a hot meal and then I started thinking, ‘Huh I bet people are feeling the same way’,” Mitchell explained.

Combine compassion with comfort food, Mitchell and her family went to work making sack lunches and pots full of chili cooked when the power comes on.

In three days, Mitchell said her family has handed out more than 1,000 meals, hot food made by warm hearts.

“I try to stress that it’s just not for the less fortunate. You can have a lot of money and your lights could still be going on and off and you still haven't ate a hot meal,” Mitchell said.