About the Cooks

Our Story

We are not the conventional chefs, but with 15+ years of preparing food for various occasions and functions we truly know our way around a kitchen.  And even more importantly, we know how to intrigue your tastebuds. My mom and I decided to take cooking seriously in 2019, so our first step was to get organized.  We spent weeks cooking and capturing it on film and video to advertise on social media.  Then we painstakingly followed up with previous customers for feedback, reviews, and referrals.  We recently purchased a food truck, and now we have a website that will allow us to serve you all in the most efficient way possible.  This is a family owned business that pours its heart in each meal. Our style of cooking is definitely southern based on our upbringing in Mississippi. We definitely have to shout out Memphis since we get a ton of inspiration from their phenomenal culture. Just call us the Memphissippi cooks.